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自我介紹在內容分配上,大多人選擇談及學歷等個人基本情況,對於中學生而言更會展示自己的社會實踐、興趣、強項、選科理想和抱負。筆者有少許分享,在實踐中,有些學生急進地試圖將自己的全部經歷都壓縮在幾分鐘內,這是不明智的做法。反而應該嘗試以不同角度介紹自己,套用客觀說法。比如說,對於爸媽來說,我是怎樣的兒子?對於學校,老師會怎樣看我這位學生?朋友又會怎樣評價自己的待人態度?切記引用例子以闡述個人感受及經歷,這令面試官有相對全面評估,又會避免粗淺答案。當然,真誠對答、表露自信、切勿背誦答案是基本要素。senate house education
As technology becomes ubiquitous in our lives and the opportunities for learning in formal or informal settings grow exponentially, our brains are increasingly asked to cherry-pick from a tsunami of data, in order to obtain the knowledge we need to navigate the rough and tumble of academic competitions from childhood to adolescence, and the ordeals of traversing the career ladder.
An essential process which continues unabated from the moment we are born, learning is as much a part of being human as walking and talking – yet seldom do we consider how it actually works.
Learning at Senate House is kept fun and interesting. It is our passion and commitment that we can achieve an education that enriches, enlightens, and liberates, that fosters understanding, strengthens judgment, improves reasoning, and imparts a clear sense of the relevance of inquiry for the greater good of humanity. At Senate House, we demonstrate unequivocally that these goals are feasible.senate house education

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